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There is so much to see and do on Santo . We recommend that you enjoy at least one tour with a local operator, while you are here, and let them show you their home and customs.

Whatever your interests, from bird and butterfly watching to trecking, there will be a tour and guide to help you discover the true Santo.


Local tour operators.

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Santo Safari Tours, Erick Williams, Ph 536 2774

Santo Natural Tours, Steven Rovu, Ph 774 1135

Santo Heritage Tours

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Millenium Cave:

A full day of trekking, caving and canyoning in the spectacular hinterland forest. (for the fit)

Champagne Beach

A beautiful, picture perfect south pacific beach with a wide shoreline of soft white sand and translucent blue water thought by many to be the most beautiful beach in the South Pacific.

Blue Holes

Amazing crystal-clear, fresh water pools of an unbelievable deep blue/green colour surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

World War II History

James A Michener wrote "Tales of the South Pacific", based on his experiences while stationed in Espiritu Santo during World War II. Remnants from the US army occupation are still visible all over the island.

Kastom Village

Visit an authentic traditional village. Meet, share the culture, and experience the daily lives of the villagers.


Mantatas and Big Bay

The site where Europeans first arrived in Vanuatu. Peaceful village, black sand beaches surrounded by tall cliffs, bush and huge trees.

Vathe Conservation Area

Keen naturalists make an effort to visit this natural reserve, great for bush walking, bird watching and orchid spotting.

Port Olry

Originally French administered fishing village in North Santo. Beautiful beaches where you are likely to see cows wandering along the beaches.

Five Rivers Overnight tour

Treck to the five rivers through beautiful jungle, across bamboo bridges. Dine on fresh shrimp from the river and sleep in a picturesque village in a traditional hut.